Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center

Wasco, OR


Time Marker

Time is ever present in the landscape of Cottonwood Canyon. Geologic time is marked by the passage of water and wind on the walls of the canyon. Historic barns dot the meadows along the John Day River, serving as historians to the importance of agrarian industry past and present.

Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center will provide an opportunity for outdoor learning, regional activities, environmental education and cultural events that serve the community, the region, and state park visitors from across the state and region. The multi-use facility will include classroom space, interpretive displays, activity and meeting areas, park-specific library, and gathering space for events. The 1,500-square-foot building references the ranch vernacular of the region with shaded outdoor space, windbreaks, wood stove hearth, and walkways connecting to camping and cabin sites.

This durable structure will be at home with the barns of the region, becoming the setting for the stories of the place through the passage of seasons.

Canyon Rim: +1098'


Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
December 12, 2018