The door to the Rad Barn at Rural Studio

Signal at Rural Studio

Newbern, AL

Signal will be at the Auburn Rural Studio on March 20 and 21, presenting a lecture to the students and faculty and reviewing student work at the design build studio. Students are working hard to bring their designs to life, spending long days in the field to finish their projects before summer break. Mark will share some insight on life after school, discussing opportunities for designers new to the work world, opportunities and lessons learned in practice. Ideas covered:

Engagement: How do we discover what matters in a design challenge? How can we continue our committment to design as we engage with our communities, cities, regions, and the world? Studies: Field School, Heizer.

Ephemeral Ecologies: Embracing the dna of a place and integrating it in the design process will build a permanence that goes far beyond opening day. The project starts at closeout. Studies: Mt. Baker Viewpoint Park, Nancy Holt, Zuni.

Community Voices: Engaging early and often builds resilience to the design process and ownership of the concept. If a place is loved it will last forever. If it is forgotten it could die – unless it is concrete. Studies: Connecting River City: Cesar Chavez Park and River City Skatepark.

Urban Advocacy / Stand Up: Take your work home to make change in your city. Study: Fight for your right of way / Living City Challenge design competition.

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