E9 Cabin framing model. Sky by others.

Transparency: SAF Architectural Model Exhibit

Center for Architecture and Design (1010 Western Ave)

“A healthy and productive civic society rests on a foundation of trust and openness among citizens, government, and private organizations. As our news and conversations are filled with suspicions and conspiracy, and as we live through massive demographic changes in our cities due to gentrification, immigration, aging, and displacement, how can the work of architects and designers unite our communities for the better in the midst of civic upheaval? This year’s theme – Transparency – encourages entrants to explore the rich interplay between architectural design and civic life.” – SAF

Models are an active tool in our design practice. From quick studies to explore form to material experiments and fundraising models, we use the model as a means to test and communicate architectural ideas. The result is an archive of projects in their formative stage – which produces a creative echo in the studio that continues to inform design teams long after the project is built.