Power of Trust

Occidental Square


Power of Trust is an interactive installation composed from salvaged industrial fan blades intended for nuclear power plants that were never built. As an opportunity for reflection, the installation invites participants to evaluate their personal responsibility as decisionmakers and collaborators in the public realm of design. Signal supported artist collaborative, Electric Coffin to design a prototype for the Seattle Design Festival and the Future Machine Collaboration in support of a vision for a large scale art installation.

The prototype consists of three chromed nuclear fan blades (each over 5 feet tall) on a reflecting pool. The blades are oriented with a concave side facing inward to create a hall of mirrors effect that will show the visitor who they are, from all angles. The convex exterior faces will reflect the community whom they serve. This focused refection allows for simultaneous self-refection amongst layers of community, bound together in the “Power of Trust”—the name of the Seattle Design Festival installation.

Water: 660lbs

Blades: 3/220

Nuclear Power Plants Built: Zero