Charles Landefeld


Charlie Landefeld joined Signal in the fall of 2020. Combining furniture making with international work experience, Charlie brings attention-to-detail without losing sight of the conceptual genesis of a project. Exploring details at a 1:1 scale and carrying over the conceptual underpinnings of a project, Charlie also brings strong visualization and 3D modelling skills. Charlie explores use of buildings, investigating how design opportunities can enhance the public realm and life of tenants.

Charlie has experience working on a range of projects, from 450,000 ft2 mixed-use blocks to historically sensitive housing to conceptual micro-housing research projects to bespoke furniture pieces.

Prior to joining Signal, Charlie worked in Copenhagen after receiving his Master’s in Architecture from the University of Washington in 2018. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Denver and believes in strong environmental stewardship. When not designing Charlie is either in the woodshop or out enjoying the mountains.