Focused on connecting people with place, Signal Architecture + Research PLLC works to design inspiring places for humankind, drawing distinct influence of experience through materials, function, light, nature, and sound. Communication, listening, and collaboration – from clients to communities creates the foundation for our approach to integrative design dialog.

We strive for design expression that elicits the story of a place within its context, be it interior, park, home, public facility, cabin, or progressive infrastructure. Through a design process based in research and discovery, we test and play within the merger between pragmatism and the intangible. We seek to discover the outstanding and quiet patterns between places and program in solutions that impart narrative and design discipline.

We see an interdependence between the design disciplines, where the language of landscape, mechanical, structural, lighting, and technical systems are mutually influential, reflective of context. Layering conceptual design upon research and natural processes, Signal celebrates the human activities of a place through perception, the movement of the sun, and the passage of time. At once of the place and for its people, we strive to make inspiring places to live, celebrate, work, reflect, and learn.



Signal is a team of designers who strive to synthesize reality with the intangible. We are curious advocates for exploration and discovery. By listening and collaborating with our clients and teams, we create and navigate the path to design solutions.