We are architects who advocate for a design process and buildings that elevate the human experience of place, be it a home, public facility, park, cabin, or progressive infrastructure.

We see our relationship with clients and communities as a partnership, with budgets and vision aligned. Thoughtful project planning allows for a discovery-based design approach that creates freedom for design to solve programmatic challenges.

Investigation to define the project goals and scope: From site or existing building survey to programming and identity definition, we can assist in setting the scope of the project to align goals and budget into a shared vision early in the process. We ask: What does this project need to solve, and what is the best path to get there?

Communication: from mission to management: Defining project principles and direction early in the process through planning, regular feedback and decision documentation, our teams create roadmaps and regularly backcheck to maintain direction and clear communication. We ask: How do you see yourself in this place in one year, two, five?

Design Process: Ideas to implementation: Check points throughout the design process balance pragmatism and vision with cost and schedule. A well-planned process and regular status reviews maintain budget and mission awareness, building advocacy for the project. We ask: How can we as a team (owner, design team, user) best collaborate to fulfill this mission?

Integrative design for the whole project: We see an interdependence between the design disciplines, where the language of landscape, mechanical, structural, lighting, and technical systems are mutually influential, reflective of context and influential on sustainable design solutions. We ask: what are the double and triple-duty opportunities presented by this design opportunity?  

Design for people and place: The design solution starts with the people who will use it and the place it occupies in the world. Developing a clear set of design goals that integrate programmed uses with context, from history, and culture to community and narrative, the story of the place becomes intertwined with the project. We ask: what is the story you want to tell about this place? How can we get there?  

Signal strives for design expression that elicits the story of a place within its context,  At once of the place and for its people, we strive to make inspiring places to live, celebrate, work, reflect, and learn.


North Bend Residence: Rendering by Notion Workshop.
Building forms are inspired by nearby boat sheds, visually connecting the new facility to local character


Signal is a team of designers who strive to synthesize reality with the intangible. We are curious advocates for exploration and discovery. By listening and collaborating with our clients and teams, we create and navigate the path to design solutions.