Excerpts from the submission: previous workshop use and a theoretical building section
Excerpts from the submission: Material mapping at surfaces
Excerpts from the submission: plans showing previous and potential uses
Excerpts from the submission: revealing previous uses by preserving historic character and texture in place

Shortlist! Architectural Review New Into Old Awards

After seven years of investigation, documentation, and work  we  are thrilled to share that Building 305 is recognized on the shortlist of Architectural Review 2021 New Into Old Awards. Design with historic structures is a dance between the ephemeral and the physical. We are humbled by the company and the recognition:

From Architectural Review: As the need for sustainable alternatives to building anew becomes increasingly urgent, the AR New into Old awards celebrate the creative ways buildings are adapted and remodelled to welcome new contemporary uses. Launched in 2017, the awards recognise the imaginative appropriation of existing structures, from innovative insertions to ambitious adaptations, that offer buildings a new lease of life.

This year’s shortlist includes projects all around the world, from Thailand to Ireland, to France and China. Projects vary in scale, from cultural institutions in Belgium, Iran and the United States, to single residences, while the buildings’ former lives vary from the industrial to the infrastructural to the vernacular to the banal.