Fort Worden Program Development Plan

Port Townsend, WA


Fort Worden State Park is located along Admiralty Inlet in Port Townsend, WA. Home to arts and humanities programming since 1972, the turn of the century military fort has transitioned from a place made for World War I and II defenses into a world class humanities destination. Signal worked with the Fort Worden PDA, Washington State Parks, and Fort Worden partner organizations to synthesize a programming and implementation plan for building and landscape upgrades in support of the Lifelong Learning Campus vision.

The historic service corps of the fort, comprised of humbly beautiful barnlike structures evolved as Makers Square, a new home for artisan study. Resulting from twelve months of programming interviews, surveys, and workshops, Makers Square will provide a resilient resource for arts programming, from digital to analog, multimedia to fine arts, with foundations both in history and the future. With loading docks, outdoor work areas, improved pedestrian circulation, Makers Square will be home to artist studios, classrooms, workshops, a gallery, and residency programs for local, regional, and national attendees.

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