Mount Baker Viewpoint Park

Seattle, WA


Roadside Astronomy

Perched at the high point of the Mount Baker ridge, the viewpoint park ephemerally connects the hills of South Seattle, with views to the west across the city, Elliot Bay, and to the Olympic Mountains beyond.

This Seattle park expands well beyond its diminutive footprint, serving as a time keeper and vista, tracking the path of the sun through the seasons through seven integrated sun markers embedded into the design. Narrow slots in the guardrail focus sunbeams through sliced basalt columns at the solstices and equinox, quietly celebrating the lengthening or shortening of days. Beloved by its community, the park is aging well and continues to be a place to celebrate life and unity.

Mark Johnson: design lead and project manager. Jones and Jones: Architect of record

Size: 4000sf

Year of Completion: 2008

It’s the place to think about celestial movements and the true state of things, it’s perfect for kids of all ages and science classes.

Local resident Brogan Thomsen, an astronomy enthusiast