SOLVE Pavilion

Cambridge, MA


Murmuration of Questions

Signal A+R collaborated with PBJS INC to develop a conceptual framework for the SOLVE Pavilion, home to a three-day deep research conference in October 2015 on the MIT campus. Within tight budget constraints, the team explored the ephemeral character of inquiry, knowledge, understanding, and collaboration through installation of fabric and light on a simple matrix. Deriving a form language from patterns of schooling fish, bird flocks, and magnetic fields, the installation manifested the power of curious conversation in a series of planes moving toward a common goal.

Beginning as a wayfinding feature of tight planes in North Court, translucent panels mark the procession to work sessions and the speakers in a conference tent. These exterior mylar planes transitioned to suspended heavy felt planes of line and block forms at the interior of the tent, aligning with identity graphics to create an implied ceiling plane that varied from every vantage point

Solve convenes technologists, philanthropists, business leaders, policy makers, and change agents to examine and address the problems where technology, business innovation, and smart policy can be leveraged to bring about real and lasting change.

“Collaborating with Signal on a significant project for eBay’s New York offices and MIT Solve pushed us into fresh ways of thinking about the relationship between space and story. What impressed me most was Mark’s ability to quickly become such a passionate and understanding champion of our client’s program, which he did by seizing the human truth at the core of the assignment and letting the details flow from there.  Working with Signal means being inspired by new things and, last but not least, having a hell of a good time along the way.”

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Year of Completion: 2014

Signal applies all of their empathy for — and immense curiosity about — our experience of the natural world and built environment to everything they do.

Peter Gaucys, PBJS Inc